Monday, April 22

A Day To Remember Show Review @ The Warfield in San Francisco 4/10

When I approached The Warfield, there was a line wrapped around the entire block. Not in a very good neighborhood, but that that didn't stop anyone from going. Homeless people made the wait not so long by talking to themselves or other people. They told jokes and stories that made people laugh. Next thing I know, me and boyfriend are in front of the line next to get into the venue.

The entire venue is red and gold with balcony seats. There's a painted mural on the ceiling and it's very elegant. But the type of venue wasn't so good for a hardcore show. Kids are pushing and dancing so close together. So there was no room to dance and mosh. Everyone was excited and waiting for the show to start.

Issues was the first bands to perform, with hardcore screaming, keyboards, and techno dancing. I've never head of them, but after their set, I really like what I heard. They really got the crowd moving with breakdowns in every song, you couldn't just stand still. Plus it was cool to see the lead singers help the crowd surfers get down and high fived them after hey got to the stage.

One thing that I think is important when playing a show, connecting with your fans. Of Mice and Men included the crowd in every song they played. From holding the mic out for the fans to sing, to telling them to jump and making them love the band even more. I haven't really listened to Of Mice and Men but I can say that I became a fan, their stage presence and devotion to their fans is really great see. The entire venue was vibrating. Literally went out with a bang. Metal synchronized head banging is what I got from the show, haha.

A Day To Remember was next and the fans were surprisingly patient. Keeping themselves occupied by the songs that they played during sound check. But as soon as the lights turned off, everyone immediately jump out of their seats and cheered. ADTR started off their set with their new song, "Violence" on their up coming album. After that they moved to their most recent songs off of "What Separates Me From You" and then moved to "Homesick" and then, "For Those Who Have Heart". Literally moving from most recent albums to albums they played back in 2007. Non-stop cheering and hand in the air. At one point, Jeremy (lead singer), told all of the guys to take off their shirts and swing them that's exactly what they all did. Haha I loved singing, dancing, and head banging. Jeremy had some small talk with the crowd and told us how rad we all were. They even played a new track off their new album that HASN'T BEEN RELEASED YET. FUCK YEAH. Also, they played a song that they haven't played from their album Homesick, and San Francisco was the first city to hear it live. Take that to the other 49 states! The show overall had a lot of energy and everyone was constant cheering., crowd surfing, head banging, and jumping. And it all ended with an encore!

I had a great time, and I'm proud to say that this is my third time watching these dude rock out. Third times the charm I guess. Thanks for reading, now I'm going to go massage my neck from the head banging!

Paramore- "Paramore"

Track List:
  1. Fast In My Car
  2. Now
  3. Grow Up
  4. Daydreaming
  5. Interlude: Moving On
  6. Ain't It Fun
  7. Part II
  8. Last Hope
  9. Still Into You
  10. Anklebiters
  11. Interlude: Holiday
  12. Proof
  13. Hate To See Your Heartbreak
  14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls
  15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
  16. Be Alone
  17. Future

Finally, Paramore has released their self titled album on April 9th of this year. They are still signed to Fueled By Ramen and have been since 2004. Ever since their release of "Brand New Eyes" in 2010, it's been a long ride for band member, Hayley Williams and her former band mates Josh and Zach Farro. Sadly, these guys are no longer a part of Paramore. But that story is for another article!
Paramore's new self titled album is a nice change for them. I think they needed it. Nothing says starting fresh like having 17 tracks! Starting off with the first track, "Fast In My Car". It's got a very bouncy start and the chorus is when you can hear the old Paramore. Then "Now" and "Grow Up" has different angles, new vibes to the songs. Like they're not playing around.
The album gives you a break from all the alternative-rock-ness and soothes your ears to Hayley's voice and a soft ukulele. The songs are titled "Interlude: Moving On", "Interlude: Holiday", and "Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore". They are only a minute and 30 seconds long but you can tell Hayley has matured and she explains she's over all the drama. Good for you Hayley!
I have noticed that this album they are playing around with different styles of music, from tracks like, "Still Into You", to "Last Hope", to "Ankle biters", to "Hate To See Your Heart Break". Hayley sounds really happy in each song and you can tell she's having fun with it. "Be Alone" brings me back to the old Paramore, minus the backing vocals.
I would love to tell you that I have a favorite track, but I'm not quite there yet. But what definitely stick out to me is all the Interlude songs. Something about the ukulele gets me...Honestly, if you're a Paramore fan, you will stay a Paramore fan with this album. I really loved it. From the drums all the way to the vocals.  The beat, rhythm, melody, it's all there. If you think that they have completely changed, I disagree. This album is telling their fans that they are still here and a little drama isn't going to break up the mighty Paramore. This is a grown up Paramore.