Tuesday, March 4

Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony-We Became Monsters

  1. 93,000,000 Miles
  2. Mr. Mysterious
  3. Pea's and Porridge
  4. Out All Night
  5. Always Dark
  6. Ode To Russia
  7. The Idiot Parade
  8. (All I Wanna Do) Get Around
  9. Rich Kid Show
  10. Goodbye Music
  11. You're Useless (Now That I Need Your More Than Ever Before)
  12. Midnight Chorus
  13. We're All Gonna Die!

Does the name sound familiar? I featured these guys on the February version of, 'LOOK WHO I FOUND'. I liked them so much, that I bought their album, 'We Became Monsters'. If you haven't read that article, then you should know that I legit stopped what I was doing to check out who this band was online. You know as well as I do when you stumble upon an awesome band by accident, how amazing they have to be. This is no joke people!

Anyways, I bought this album and immediately loved their sound. They're so creative and different than anything I've heard. When I first heard them, it came to my attention that they sound like a modern day Queen. The imagery in the lyrics are so unreal, I could picture them perfectly. The way they harmonize their voices together and place their music, I feel like I'm listening to a rock musical! They play around with the melodies and make them so catchy. The notes on the piano just bounce, the guitar solos, and the drum beats are just awesome. You can tell that they play off each other and play around with the sounds of their instruments. It's all really fun music.

There's a couple songs on this album that I can relate to. The 7th track titled, "The Idiot Parade", which is basically about all the dim witted people out there in the world. I feel like I should listen to this song when I'm driving and having road rage, I'm thinking this song will make me feel better. Haha. Also the 9th  track, "Rich Kid Show", that has got some totally sarcastic lyrics in it and I love it! Oh, and the 4th track, "Peas and Porridge", actually surprised me. Why you ask? Because the vocals sound like Christian Jacobs from the band The Aquabats. But I was mistaken, the vocals where in fact Major Powers band member and founder, Nick Powers. It just goes to show how talented these guys are.

This band is really meant for everyone, because some bands or artists have sound for a certain age group, young or old. For Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony, I don't think that's the case. I don't really think there's a genre for these guys, which I like. But according to the band, they made up their own genre, 'Adventure Rock'. Yeah, I think that about sums it up.