Wednesday, August 20

Michael Cera has a folk project!

Say what?! Yeah, I was surprised as well! But also excited to hear Michael be all artsy and see another side of him.

I took a listen at his musical side, and it's definitely not what I expected. Cera doing folk music does seem to fit him well. It honestly reminds me of him and Ellen Page playing acoustic together in the movie 'Juno'. It's not horrible, but I don't think it's great either. It's very experimental and out there. I do feel like I know what he's trying to do though. 

I like to see actors try different things, it keeps things interesting, even if it's not particularly good. It's the same for musicians, like when they try to pursue acting, sometimes you are just like , "Woah! I didn't know they could act!" and then other times, "That was the worst acting I've ever seen."

But hey, as long as it makes them happy doing something else right? Even if  it's not what everyone is talking about. Let just say, I kinda sorta like it, but not enough to buy it or to listen to it often. Maybe if he had someone help him, or a well known producer to make it a little bit more edgy? I don't know.

 If you wanna listen to it.. It's right here!

Michael Cera Music

Sunday, August 17


For all of you ravers out there... Here's a new DJ for you.


Such a cool name, I don't even care about the music! Haha, just kidding, I still really do care, but the name is pretty awesome though.

I don't really know too much about house/dubstep music. I only know a few really famous ones. But this DJ/group/people are awesome. I first I wasn't sure but after listening to a few of their songs. But I changed my mind! Writing about dubstep music isn't my forte, I think the reason that I like Monstercat, is because the way it's put together. How the beat speeds up and drops, the high pitched chipmunk voices, and the bouncey dance beats. In the beginning of this song, I didn't really like it, but as the song went on, the beat caught me, I was thinking to myself, "Okay this is alright", then it kept going and the beat dropped, "Okay this is actually pretty sick". 
So you should take a listen for yourself!