Saturday, November 9

Twenty One Pilots Show Review 11/7

The Independent in San Francisco

It was a beautiful day in SF when I arrived. Although I ended up getting at the venue 2 hours early, there was already people hanging out in line for the Sold Out 21 and over show. So I figured I might as well do the same if the line has already started forming.

Waiting in line that long wasn't so bad, I had my boyfriend to keep me company and plus there was a lot of interesting people in line and passing by. But the last half hour was the longest because the sun was going down and it started to get cold.

When we finally got in I noticed that the venue has a really long hallway with portraits of bands and artists that had performed in the past. Then, it opens up to the floor with the stage to your left and a bar behind you and benches are lined up on the right, not really leaving enough room for people to sit down. It's really small but its a good venue.

The first band or artist, I should say, was Sirah. If you are a Skrillex fan, you might know her form the song "Bangarang featuring Sirah." Other than that though, I have not heard any of her songs. She wasn't what I expected, which could be good or bad. Her genre is kind of a pop, hip-hop vibe. She puts on a good show and has some good stage presence, but I bet her recordings are better than the live version. Not sure if I really liked it or not.

Robert Delong was next up. Now, this was my second time seeing him live.The first time was at Sasquatch Music Festival in May of  2013. After that I became a fan and bought his album. He's got a wide range of different gadgets and instruments that he uses in his music. It like dance, techno, but one you see him perform, you can see how talented he really is. I think knowing his songs the second time definitely helped my Robert Delong experience.

Now for the headliner! Twenty One Pilots! They used a variety of different masks for their set. But my god, what a great show! Not only do they have great stage presence but they performed their instruments so greatly. Tyler and Josh are some talented mo'fos. The entire shoe was filled with the guys jumping off their instruments, "acting like 6 year olds", according to Tyler as he instructed the crowd to dance like. But every song, they got the crowd moving. My favorite part though and what amazed me the most, was that on their last song, they both stood on top of the crowd and they each played a bass drum! It was pretty freaking awesome.

I would love to see these dudes again, I have a feeling their going to be big,