Thursday, September 4



I was going to do an album review, but I'm broke... :[ 
So here the next best thing.
(applause and cheering in the background....)

I discovered these guys by one of my friends. We were at her house and we decided to start YouTubing a bunch of stuff, videos of people getting hit with things, turned into funny cat videos, and that turned into music videos, and she showed me Kongos music video for "Come With Me Now". After that their music just kinda stuck with me. Then, I heard them on the radio and I decided that was it. I have to write about these guys!

First off, they have an accordion! How cool is that?! It's not one of those weird old people bands that have a geeky accordion in it. No. These dudes are total jammin' rock music and the guy that plays the accordion just jams out too. It sounds amazing and original. The lead singer has a scratchy voice and really low, Not melodic at all, but it works for their sound. The steel guitar solo in this song is great too. It works with the accordion as well, like their playing off each other. 

Here's their hit single, "Come With Me Now"

Tell me this isn't a cool song? Totally different. The accordion just makes it.
 I'm diggin' it,