Tuesday, December 30

Brothers Horse-Self Titled

Hello my people! I know it's been awhile since I've posted some articles, but have no fear! I've written an album review!

I actually discovered a really good band while out with some friends. Imagine that, I did it the old fashion way, and honestly I'd prefer it that way. I got so excited because my fiance, our friend and I were outside this bar talking, and I was listening to this band playing outside.  But we couldn't see them performing, I could only hear, so I started dancing and moving side to side, and we decided to go check them out.
Now, I'm pretty excited about this because this is the first local band in a long time that I actually discovered and love!

This Sonoma County band is Brothers Horse. They a have a punk, pirate, and polka feel to them. It's really different, but so awesome. Their sound is a little like the artist Gogol Bordello, right up that alley. If you haven't heard of Gogol Bordello, do it now. Well, maybe not right now, after this article, then check him out. Seriously though, Brothers Horse has some pretty different instruments that you don't hear on the radio or even on your iTunes. Put some accordions, trumpets, trombone, fiddle, and some dude in a crazy accent doing vocals. Not only is their music original and danceable, their shows are pretty fun too. I honestly think that they sound better live than their recordings on their album. They tell stories in their lyrics, which makes me feel like their music should be in an adventure pirate movie. Haha.

Here's the link to their bandcamp and check them out (BH album is free!!)
Brothers Horse Bandcamp

  1. Ballad Of Brothers Horse
  2. Bottom Of The Ocean
  3. Dark and Stormy
  4. 16 Days
  5. Brother John
  6. Any Port In A Storm
  7. Head Will End Up Missing
  8. Cardinal Girls and Money
  9. Easter Surprise
  10. Heavens To Betsy
  11. Blessed Be The Barrel
  12. Eastbanian Lament
  13. Met A Man
  14. Hanging In The Bedroom
  15. Torn and Tattered

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