Thursday, April 10

Wolfmother- New Crown


  1. How Many Times
  2. Enemy Is In Your Mind
  3. Heavy Weight
  4. New Crown
  5. Tall Ships
  6. Feelings
  7. "I Ain't Got No"
  8. She Got It
  9. Tangerine Dream
  10. Radio

Yes, that's right! You read this right. Wolfmother has come out with a new album titled, "New Crown". I will admit that I did lose touch with Wolfmother since their self titled album in 2005. With hit tracks like, "Woman" and "Joker and The Thief". I know, I'm a little bit mad at myself.  If you haven't heard either of those songs, then you need to educate your self! They are some crazy awesome psychedelic Austrailian rockers. Since then, they released their second album "Cosmic Egg" in 2009. Anyways enough of that nonsense. ON TO THE ALBUM...

Right off the bat, the first track, "How Many Times", immediately gets you rocking out to the classic rock vibe, with a sweet guitar riff to start it off, and some face paced head bangin' to follow it up. They had some psychedelic sound to each of their songs, especially 'New Crown' and 'Tangerine Dream'. But the keyboard, played by Ian Peres, totally makes it though. Plus the sound quality really makes you feel like your there, like hanging out in the garage while their just jamming. Which I guess could be a bad thing for most bands because sound quality is everything, but for Wolfmother, the type of sound they have, it totally works. The bass line by Chris Ross on the song, 'New Crown', reminds me of something Flea would do in Red Hot Chili Peppers, but this is totally funky and psychedelic. I would highly suggest checking this song out! 'Feelings' had more a of a punk side to the album, but still equally as good. 'I Ain't Got No' is my favorite song on the album, it's a really good hard rock song. The distortion on the guitar is excellent and the drums done by Vin Steele makes the album amazing. Couldn't have the head banging without you Vin Steele!

Listening to this album really makes me want to see these guys live. I can just imagine how much they rock out and how much fun it would be at one of their shows. It kind of takes you back to what you'd think Wolfmother's original sound would be. At least for me, it would be back in 2005. The musical talent that these guys have, makes one big awesome band. Andrew Stockdale's voice is just the cherry on top of the big band cake.

Check out the band's website and listen to the album for free!!

Visit their bandcamp if you like what you hear and buy the album for $7!!!

And for those of you who didn't know their older songs I mentioned:
Listen and let your ears be happy....