Tuesday, October 14

Built To Spill

There's nothing I would love more than to do an album review of Built To Spill. But sadly, I'm broke as joke. Want to know why?! Cause I was busy getting this little gem...

If you somewhat read my blog posts, this song by Modest Mouse (Float On) means a lot to me. It has gotten me through some of the most stressful times in my life, especially this year. I've been wanting to get this tattoo for years now and after this summer, and me finally having $150 to blow on a tattoo. I finally did it, and I am so happy I got it. 

So that's why I'm broke! But I'm totally okay with it.
Thank god for music streaming right? Even though it's horrible for record companies, but anyways!

As I was getting my tattoo, I was telling him how much the song meant to me and he asked if I've heard of Built To Spill. I haven't, so here I am listening to them while I'm writing this blog post and I love them!

They do have a Modest Mouse feel to them, like it's Modest Mouse' young brother or something. Haha. But a little more edgy. The way they harmonize their voices, and the vocals a little bit too. Of course they do have their own little twist on things. Where have I been this entire time and not known about this band?!

Next payday, you bes' believe I'm going to buy a few of their albums!

If you've been living under a rock like me, you should definitely check these guys out!