Thursday, June 5

Survey says!

So Chris, my boyfriend, came up with a brilliant question.

What would be your dream concert lineup of past bands? Like bands that you're not going to see again. 

Chris came up with:
1. Jeff Beck
2.The Eagles
3. Beastie Boys
4.The Doors
5. Jimi Hendrix
6. The Who 
7. Led Zeppelin
8. Johnny Cash
9. Cream
And for the headliner...
10. Queen

My perfect lineup:

1. Nirvana
2. The Stray Cats
3. Janis Joplin
4. Beastie Boys
5. Michael Jackson
6.  ACDC
7. Johnny Cash
8. Pink Floyd
9. Led Zeppelin 
And for the headliner...
10. Queen again!

I don't think the lists are definite, I actually might have another band pop in my head right after I post this. We will check back and see if I still feel the same way. There's so many greats out there, it's hard to just pick a few. They are all legends of music in my eyes.

Bands/Artists to listen to in rainy weather

So it's really gray and overcast outside. There's fog over the trees and it's perfectly still. Not wind just silent and cloudy. It's probably my favorite type of weather. Just because I like to dress comfy and warm. Plus, the music has a bigger effect on me. I'd just like to share a few of my favorite bands to listen to when it's overcast or rainy outside.

First, I just want to say that for me, I like to listen to relaxing music, or hangout music. Probably because all I want to do is hangout in my sweatpants and do nothing.

1. Death Cab For Cutie
-The vocals for this band are just soft and easy to listen to.

2. Augustines
-Again, vocals are raspy and calm.

Actually, I just noticed to sum this up it probably would be any indie band. Haha oh well!

3. City and Colour
-The acoustic guitar just gets to me.

4. Bright Eyes
-It's not the vocals this time! Gotcha! It's actually the lyrics.

5. Modest Mouse
-If I'm not a 'slow' mood, this is my go-to rainy day band that speeds up the tempo to my mood.

Wednesday, June 4


Well, technically my boyfriend found them on Bandcamp. But it's a new band, so yeah! Their name is PUP, and they are a hard punk rock band from Canada. At first, I'll admit, it took me a minute to like them, but once I listened to a few of their songs, I really started to like them. Their guitar chords and chorus', are really catchy. Although, I have refrain from head banging really fast and hard when I listen to them. Let me tell you, it really hurts the next day haha. But, if you're into punk music,  I would definitely listen to these guys.

Here's the video to "Reservoir" by PUP. This was the video that I saw hearing PUP for the first time. I think the video ruined it for me at first, it's bloody one! But after hearing most of their songs, they grew on me. Hopefully it won't be that way for you guys. Regardless, I think their awesome.