Saturday, January 17

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk

Holy flashback!
I'm not really a fan of Bruno Mars' music, but I do think he is a great performer and SNL host. If you haven't seen him perform on MTV or some award shows, he's a good entertainer. Bruno is hilarious on SNL too, just so you know.

This time he teamed up with Mark Ronson, a UK musician and producer. 'Uptown Funk' is one of the funkiest songs I've ever heard. It's got the high pitched trumpets, deep bass, psychedelic keyboard, clapping, and Bruno Mars voice.
When I was listening to this song on the radio,
1. It didn't sound like Bruno Mars,
2. I thought it was an old funk song from the 70's.

 It's so good I'm not shamed to say that I love this song. 'Uptown Funk' is way different than the usual pop-girly-love songs that he does. I will say if the rest of the album sounds like this song, I will most definitely be buying it.

Check it and be amazed by the funk!

Monday, January 12

I'm really happy for Robert Delong

Have you ever gone to a show and discovered someone new and have the best time, then you go home and buy their album fall in love with it, then a couple years later, their playing on the radio and all you an think of is how happy you are for them? That they are really doing it, that he's is actually making his dreams come true. (As corny as that sounds) But as a fan, I am proud of Robert Delong.

This is his new song that I heard on the radio and got excited.

Robert Delong-Long Way Down