Wednesday, August 13

I do not like his voice at all!

So I've been told that I need more variety in my blog. Meaning, I only post what I like on my blog. Therefore, I've decided to write an article about a band that I'm not too crazy about. But mostly just the vocals. You may or may not have heard of them, but they are called, Pierce The Veil.

I've known of this band for a good while, but and I've tried and tried to like them. But it hasn't happened. Sometimes I just don't understand how they got as famous as they are. Now the reasoning for this, is because of  the singing....oh my goodness. It sounds like a whiny baby that has been stepped on every time he sings. It's just so high pitched, I can't handle it. I just don't like this band, maybe if they got a new vocalist. Because the screaming is okay, but the singing ruined it for me. :[

His voice, compared to amazing vocalists in bands, like Craig Owens from Chiodos and Drugs, or Jeremy Mckinnon from A Day To Remember. Those guys are good. Like mind blowing good.
But the dude from Pierce The Veil doesn't even compare. It's pretty bad.

I know this is pretty harsh but hey, someone asked, I delivered.