Friday, May 9

The Menzingers- Rented World


  1. I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
  2. Bad Things
  3. Rodent
  4. Where Your Heartache Exists
  5. My Friend Kyle
  6. Transient Love
  7. The Talk
  8. Nothing Feels Good Anymore
  9. Hearts Unknown
  10. In Remission
  11. Sentimental Physics
  12. When You Died

I just discovered this band thanks to one of my friends, Rory. It's always amazing to have people around you that have love for music and show you new artists/bands that you've never heard of. Thanks dude!

So this band is The Menzingers, and have a new album titled 'Rented World' that was released in late April. I must say it's pretty freaking good! I really like Greg Barnett's vocals. The way he flows his lyrics (or yells them) into the songs makes them really catchy. He has a pretty good voice especially in the tracks, "When Your Heartache Exists"" and "Transient Love". The guitar riffs done in the songs are really catchy, and the punk drum beats done by Joe Godino are pretty sweet as well.  They're really good at their breakdowns in the middle of the songs too, like, "Sentimental Physics" and "The Talk", which is a good punk song as well. While listening to this album, I noticed that their main genre would probably be pop punk, but they have a few different genres in a couple songs on the album. Two tracks got me off guard, "Transient Love", it has a super indie vibe. Then the last track on the album, "When You Died". It's a slow acoustic song with some deep lyrics. I really like my new discovery. They are a good rocking out band, I was nodding my head to the beat periodically throughout the album. When can I see these guys live?

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