Friday, June 27

Flashback Friday!

I know I havent been consistent with the flashbacks but I have one for this week!

Do you remember Nelly?!

First he was a rapper, then he did an album with country star, Tim Graw, then he went a little pop on us with "Just A Dream" and "Hey Porsche".

He had a lot of hit songs like, "Hot In Herre" , "Ride Wit Me", "Dilemma" with Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child,  "E.I.", and countless other hits.

Nelly was one of my favorite artists, I grew up listening to him. I'm very open to a lot of music, and rock-n-roll is my main genre but I have a soft spot for Nelly. Why? I have no idea. Even though, I'm not into his new stuff at all, I mean, have you heard "Hey Porsche"? My god....

Anyway, I'll always have love for Nelly. He's just one of those artists for me.
But here's a happy flashback for ya, one of my favorite songs, "Ride Wit Me"

And who can forget... "Country Grammar"

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