Thursday, January 23


Sometimes it can be a good thing to have a songs stuck in your head, other times, it's extremely annoying. I always end up listening to another song to try to get the current one out of my skull. When songs are jammed in my head, it's usually always one verse or chorus in my head replaying over, and over, and over. OR it's always fun when a co-worker or friend gets a particular song in your head (sarcasm intended) and for the life of you, YOU CANNOT GET IT OUT

Well for the first song, it's not one of those bad songs...actually, it's a pretty great one.

For weeks now, the song 'Dontcha' by The Internet has been in my head randomly throughout the day. This song has one of the funkiest bass lines I've heard in awhile. Which is probably why it get stuck in my head. I a sucker for funkiness (not a word, but you get my point). The vocals by Odd Future's own, Syd Tha Kyd  are really soulful. The song is almost a soul, R&B feel. But that's not the whole band's genre specifically. Here's their video for 'Dontcha'. This song will be in your head after hearing once.

You're Welcome.

The next song can go both good or bad. I'm not crazy about the band or song, but the chorus constantly replays in my head while I'm at work. Out of nowhere, it's just like, SURPRISE! "It's too coooold for you here, and now, let me hooold both your hands in the holes of my sweater." Yes, it's 'Sweater Weather' by The Neighbourhood. It's all over the radio and I'm constantly singing it out loud and driving my co-workers crazy. It's really mellow and chill. I think the reason why it's in my head is because the chorus is so catchy and fun to sing. Again, it's good and bad. Here's their video for 'Sweater Weather'.

Sorry, and Your Welcome? Maybe? Just a little? Come on, it's not too bad...

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