Saturday, March 9

Flagship- Blackbush EP

Flagship- Blackbush
Track list:
1. "Backseat"
2. "Still I Wait"
3. "The Knife"
4. "The Fool"
5. "Older"

I gave Flagship's, Blackbush, a listen and I couldn't help but love the melodic and mellow vocals, which blend in perfectly in the alternative folk, indie, and instrumental parts of the songs. The whole EP was 5 songs of pure relaxation. Each song is just as soothing and calming as the next one. Picture working your butt off all day, and you get in your car and all you want to do is relax. Put on Flagship's, Blackbush and just listen while you drive. Their music literally makes you listen to every part, every instrument, and every tempo change to every song. There's so much feeling behind their music, that I became a fan.

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