Saturday, March 9

The Lumineers-Self Titled

 Track list:
1."Flowers In Your Hair"
2. "Classy Girls"
3. "Submarines"
4. "Dead Sea"
5. "Ho Hey"
6. "Slow It Down"
7. "Stubborn Love"
8. "Big Parade"
9. "Charlie Boy"
10. "Flapper Girl"
11. "Morning Song"

The Lumineers have released their self titled debut album in April of this year. The folk-indie trio consists of Wesley, Jeremiah, and Neyla. Their sound has been compared to bands like Edward Sharpe and Mumford and Sons. I have a feeling you might also know them from their single, "Ho Hey". It's simpler than other songs on the album, as far as, the instrument playing. It still makes it a good sing along. Although, there are other songs on the album I wasn't too excited about. Some songs are too short or end too quickly, it made me want to keep listening and wanting more. I felt like I was being teased! The slow songs dragged a little bit to where I got bored. But once the songs picked up speed, they caught my attention more. However, the slow songs were more technical with the instrument playing. That's where I could hear how skilled they are at the their instruments. But I think overall it's a pretty good album, but I'm not too crazy about it.

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