Friday, May 31

Summer In Siberia- Self Titled

Summer In Siberia
Track List:
  1. Spectres
  2. The You In Focus
  3. Already Heard
  4. Someday I'll Procrastinate
  5. Wyoming Portal
  6. Eyes Glued
  7. Clouds On A Sunday
  8. Ice Pose
  9. Filler Song #9
  10. Studio 8H
  11. Easy To Forget
So I came across this awesome band, called Summer In Siberia, out of nowhere...literally. It started at the 2013 Sasquatch Music Festival in Quincy, WA. And, no they did not perform at the festival. But fortunately enough, I met the singer and keyboardist, Justin Hynes of Summer In Siberia. The band is from Spokane, WA, and they're not currently signed to a label. Hear that record companies?! So needless to say, I was handed their self titled album and asked to review it.

The first track on the album is called "Spectres". Which surprised me, because I had no idea what genre of music the band was. It has an electro-pop vibe, with the electric drum set, simple keyboard riffs, and the occasional guitar thrown in. I know how this sounds while you're reading this, like one of those bands that records their album in a closet. Well, this isn't the case! These guys have an album cover and everything! Anyways, the second track is, "The You In Focus", which was again a dance song, not crazy, but an easy rock yourself side-to-side dance song. "Already Heard" was, one of the slower songs to the album. It's got those keyboard riffs, and the electric drums. But one thing I do really like about this band, that I've noticed, is the vocals. The vocals are melodic, but not over powering. Just simple, and that's what I like, most of the time. The fourth track is called, "Someday I'll Procrastinate". It starts out with an upbeat feel, then goes out to a jam session for the chorus. The track is a really good relaxing song. The next few tracks called, "Eyes Glued" and "Clouds On A Sunday" are one big jam session. Just instruments playing left and right. Gotta love musicians rocking out, right? Although, "Eyes Glued" is a bit harder than "Clouds On A Sunday" but they both work. There's a track on the album called, "Studio 8H". All I wrote for that song in my notes is, super electronic dance jam. So there you go. "Ice Pose", "Wyoming Portal", "Filler Song #9", and "Easy To Forget" are the good hang out songs of the album. Actually, scratch that, ALL of the songs on the self titled album are good hang out songs.
I really liked this album, especially because I had no idea what to expect. I think my two favorite songs so far are, "Spectres" and "Eyes Glued". Those songs are more technical, to me at least. For some reason I like that sort of thing. But it's all good stuff. I would definitely recommend buying their stuff on iTunes. Or at least take a listen!

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