Tuesday, February 4

Augustines-'Self Titled'

Track list:

  1. Intro (I Touch Imaginary Hands)
  2. Cruel City
  3. Nothing to Lose But Your Head
  4. Weary Eyes
  5. Don't You Look Back
  6. Walkabout
  7. Kid You're On Your Own
  8. This Ain't Me
  9. Now You Are Free
  10. The Avenue
  11. Highway 1
  12. Hold Onto Anything

I've been waiting for Augustines to come out with their self titled album, and IT'S AWESOME. I discovered them last year when my boyfriend found their first album,'Rise Ye Sunkin' Ships', on sale at Amoeba Music in SF. We ended up taking that album on a road trip to Sasquatch music festival 2013, and we did not get sick of them on that 11 hour drive. Yes, we had our iPods also, but we kept getting no signal, so we resulted to a CD. Now every time I hear them, it gives me happy memories. I guess I have a personal connection to them, which came to me buying their second album! All seriousness though, if you like indie rock stuff, this band is it.

These dudes sound a little different than their last album. It's a little bit more produced, but in the right ways. There's violins, xylophones, and piano all blended and played beautifully in various songs. The whole album is really inspirational, every song makes you think. Nothing like inspirational music to get you through life! There's a couple slow songs with only two instruments in them. I noticed that I do have a soft spot for slow songs with piano and vocals. The way the song is sung, you can tell that there's a lot of feeling. I think one of my favorite things about this band is the vocals done by Billy McCarthy. His voice is raspy and deep, but it works with the genre of music. It's different than whats out there now. Thanks for another awesome album Augustines!

My favorite songs from this album are 'Cruel City','Nothing to Lose But Your Head','Walkabout','This Ain't Me', and 'Now You Are Free'.

Here's the music video for 'Cruel City'.

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