Wednesday, January 29


So this is the first addition of my new monthly article, 'LOOK WHO I FOUND'. Basically letting all you music lovers out there discover a new band that I found (hence the title, plus also I like to brag) on music website, Bandcamp. This is my first one so there might be some changes in the next coming articles, FYI. 

This band that I found is called, 'The Dirty Nil' and their from Canada. (Insert Canadian joke here....Eh?). They've got some hard rockin' alternative music stuff going on. This one particular song they have on the website is called 'Fuckin' Up Young', and they yell majority of the lyrics, which I can't help but love. I have a soft spot for yelled lyrics. Weird, not normal, maybe? Most likely. One thing you can definitely tell just by listening to their music is that they rock the eff out!

I'm excited about this new article idea, because I love discovering new music, and this band makes me want to see them live. 

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