Monday, June 9

The Black Keys- Turn Blue (Summary)

Okay, I know I'm EXTREMELY  late. Which is why this is only going to be a summary of what I thought of the album.

  1. Weight of Love
  2. In Time
  3. Turn Blue
  4. Fever 
  5. Year In Review
  6. Bullet In The Brain
  7. It's Up To You Now
  8. Waiting On Words
  9. 10 Lovers
  10. In Our Prime
  11. Gotta Get Away

Being a long time fan, I was really excited for the new TBK album. The band came out with their new single "Fever", which is ridiculously catchy. The bass line throughout the entire song was so funky. But one thing that did bum me out on their new album, was that TBK left their blues sound behind and became some pop alternative band. Sure they still are really catchy and dance-able. But some of the blues feel that they had just made them the really chill band to listen and hangout to. Now it's got it's smooth soul and a little bit more pop into it. It's pretty good but I like the old 'Keys better. I still love the band, and I still think they are really good. But their old sound was a better fit for them. 

Sorry guys :[

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