Tuesday, June 17


*Sigh* I didn't really find these guys... :[
Chris found them on Bandcamp and then played them when we were sitting outside on our deck. But I discovered them though, right? It still kind of counts...maybe.

Any who, it's this great alternative rock band called Knuckle Puck. If you're a fan of Taking Back Sunday or Man Overboard, I know for a fact you will love this band. I was listening to a few songs of theirs and it totally reminds me of Taking Back Sunday's, 'Tell All Your Friends' album. It's like if TBS and Man Overboard had a baby, it would be Knuckle Puck. They have the edgy rock vibe, and the yelled backing vocals down. 

Check these dudes out, seriously. DO IT!

Oh hey, what do ya know... they are actually on tour with Man Overboard. Sweet.

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