Tuesday, July 29

Wolfmother @ The Fillmore in SF

Last night was awesome! 
There were only 2 bands playing, and the first up was Electric Citizen. The name kind of threw me off because I was thinking that they were going to be some sort of an electronic band. But I was totally wrong.
Their sound is a classic rock vibe, the female lead singer totally made it though. She had really long thick hair, and had swung it up, down, to the side, and all over the place. She had amazing stage presence. She reminded me of Heart, and Janis Joplin. Total 70's chick on stage. The band itself had so much energy, and really rocked the stage. 

Wolfmother was next! They totally blew the roof off The Fillmore. They sound even better live then on CD. Even better too, that the fans were rocking out as well as I was. One song after another, I couldn't stop dance and bobbing my head. Just so much amazingness, and so much rock, I absolutely loved it. Andrew (lead singer) talked to the crowd and got the crowd involved in the songs several times. Mosh pits broke out here and there, I was thinking about joining, but I couldn't stop dancing. Definitely one of my top 5 favorite concerts. 

Especially things going on my personal life, this concert totally just made me as peace. 
It was a great show, with great people. If you thinking about going to a Wolfmother show, or even giving them a listen for that matter. I highly recommend it. If you don't, I will find you....

Not really, but you should really do it.

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