Thursday, July 24


Now this time, it's not a song. It's an artist. You know her well.

Lana Del Rey. 

I bought her album, "Born To Die" a while ago. I literally listened to that album for a month. Her lyrics are so deep and pretty depressing. But there's totally feeling there, and thats why I couldn't stop listening to her. There were songs that I didn't like (Diet Mountain Dew, Carmen, National Anthem, Million Dollar Man) but I listened to them anyway. It was like an addiction. Her songs played in my head all day long. 

What brings me to this article is that, I just listened to her new single, "West Coast". Oh my goodness. I'm sucked back in the Del Rey blackhole. I can't really put my finger on it, but there's something about her music as well. It's not all this dance/pop thats out there today. It's almost gangster-grunge-pop. ???

I have no idea. 
But Lana Del Rey is on fire right now.
Damn girl!

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