Thursday, October 9

This maybe just me, but...

I absolutely hate it when bands have music videos and all the camera or director focuses on is the lead singer.

When the director doesn't show the band at all, or maybe just a small flash to them and then back to the lead singer. Then the rest of the music video is just the lead singer. Or how about when they do show all of the band, but it's only when their playing their instruments.

What the heck man?!

It's all about the whole band, not just the lead singer.
Sure the lead singer may be more attractive then the rest of the band.
But you gotta show everyone else's talent too, ya know?
I think that's is what everyone loses sight on.
The every band member could be ridiculously attractive, like jaw-dropping, were-you-sent-down-from-the-heavens hot.
But their music could totally suck and make babies cry.
They will still sell a million copies because that's all everyone cares about.

It's a sad day for all the real music lovers out there.

To see what I'm talking about, here's some music videos:
( Some these bands are not what I particularly listen to )


Paramore- Brick By Morning Brick

I See Stars- Murder Mitten

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