Tuesday, September 30


Once again, another legendary rock band has graced us after 8 years with their new track "Be Lucky".

The Who is back and still rocks our hearts!

Throughout the song Roger Daltrey refers to the french DJ's, Daft Punk and australian rockers, AC/DC.
One could say that The Who is back and ready to diss everyone. Haha
Which is actually entertaining, considering I am a fan of all three artists.

Here are some lyrics to the new track "Be Lucky", and you will see what I am talking about.

AC/DC diss:

“You wanna climb without a safety line/
 AC/DC’s gonna be fine,” 
“If you want to want to sell/ you’ve got to kiss and tell/  
And you’ve got to do a cover of Highway to Hell.”

And for Daft Punk:

 “You want to climb without a safety line/ 
Daft Punk will tell you that it’s gonna be fine.” 

Then Roger Daltrey proceeds to autotune his voice, like Daft Punk's.

So all in all even if they are dissing, they are still amazing at what they do. And Pete Townsend is still a god on guitar. 

Here's the new track from The Who, "Be Lucky".

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