Monday, February 24

Lost Dog Found @ The Abbey

For all my Bay Area readers, if you haven't been to The Abbey @ Hopmunk in Sebastopol. Let me give you a mental picture! When you walk into Hopmunk, you'll walk across the dining room, through the doorway and you'll end up outside on a long patio, and walk down the center stairs where there's benches and more tables to hangout outside. It's a really cool place to just hangout with your friends. Then, on the right of the building there's an extra room with a bar on the right side and standing tables scattered around the room, and a dance floor with a small stage on the left.The ceilings had wooden beams with a disco ball smack dab in the center. On the ceiling of the bar there were some really cool chandeliers, they had leaves with lights attached to each one. The lights were dim so the chandeliers were the only thing lighting up the place.

Before the show I interviewed Lost Dog Found and you can check out the interview here!

I had some pretty good vibes from these guys after the interview. They were really easy to talk too. It made me excited to see them perform. But all of the sudden when the show started, all of the band members were in a conga line playing the first intro to their first song, Lavender Coffin, all with their instruments, moving through the crowd and on the stage. I've never seen that before, it was fun to watch. After the second song I realized how much energy they give out, and Chris (vocals) has some really good stage presence, dancing and interacting with his band mates. The fans were cheering and dancing from the first song all the way to the last. In between songs, the band shared some laughs and talked to the crowd. They had their slow love songs which got the couples to come out and slow dance, then they had their face paced upbeat songs that got the crowd moving. I noticed they like to play around with their instruments, battling it out with each other in songs, or have extremely awesome trumpet solos! During the break, they came out to the floor and talked their fans, which was nice to see. The only thing I did notice, was as the night was ending, more and more people left. Come on people! It's a Friday night! But fortunately Lost Dog Found did not lose their sound. I was really happy I met these dudes, they were awesome to see live.

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