Thursday, June 19

Yay I'm not broke anymore!

So it's actually been awhile since I've been to a show. I've been aching for it. But I finally had an opportunity for a couple shows! 

Ever since I reviewed Wolfmother's new album 'New Crown', I have been waiting for them to tour on the west coast. And guess what! They're going to be here July 25th in San Francisco! I'm so excited! I already know, my heads going to hurt from head banging, my feet are going to hurt from dancing, and I'll have a ringing in my ear for a couple days. But it's all going to be worth it. I can tell that Wolfmother is going to be amazing. Get ready for a show review!

Also this Friday, The Menzingers (who I could not get out of my head for weeks), and PUP are going to be playing in SF. I'm stoked for that as well, it should be a good show. But I have not seen these dudes perform yet. But from what I've heard, they're awesome. 

Yay for shows!
I really missed it. 
Oh, loud concert shows, how I need you in my life!
It's not sad...really, I swear. 

Okay, I'm going to stop typing now....

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