Wednesday, July 23


This time I actually discovered these guys by myself! Can you believe it? I was driving home from work and listening to the alternative radio station, I know... who listens to the radio anymore, right? Well I do, once and awhile. I get to learn about the awesome new artists that are out there. Sometimes though I do hear the not so good artists...wah wah wahhhh. But I'm glad I did this time though, 'cause then I wouldn't have discovered, Milky Chance.

It's two guys in the band, and they are pretty much, acoustic but also indie. If that gives you a clue. The vocals are so scratchy and rough, but I think it totally works. The music just has a steady electronic beat, with the acoustic guitar strumming over it. It's just really catchy and chilling music. I've been listening to their tracks all week long before I finally got time to sit and write about it!

Take a listen to these songs and hear for yourself!

Milky Chance- Stolen Dance

Milky Chance- Down By The River

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