Wednesday, May 8

We Are Augustines, now known as Augustines!

My recent discovery! My boyfriend got their album, "Rise Ye Sunken Ships" on clearance at Amoeba Music in San Francisco. And I cannot stop listening to this album, for all you indie fans out there. This is the band for you. We took Augustines album to road trip to Sasquatch Music Festival 2013. We listened to this album non-stop, from morning to night. Of course, we did have other music to play, but when we kept losing signal for the iPod Radio, we just listened to Augustines. And now every time I hear one of their songs it brings back so many great memories or the road trip there and back. Weird enough though, you would think we would be getting sick of the whole album driving 14 hours there and back with that album playing. But it hasn't yet. At all.

I know this isn't an album review, and probably doesn't give you a taste of what the band sounds like. But the album does give me happy memories of my Memorial Weekend of 2013.

And just so I'm not cheating you, here's one of my favorite songs and the 1st track of the album "Rise Ye Sunken Ships", entitled 'Chapel Song'!

Also, here's their newest single, 'Cruel City'!

P.S. Their new album is coming out February 4th 2014....AND I'M SO EXCITED.

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